Thursday, September 4, 2014

reposting the photos... as best as I can.. because I forgot what pictures I was talking about... I guess I will just do the translated fanarts first.
I want to buy/read this! They looked so lovey dovey in this


omg this is what i called sharing XD

wahahaha tsurara is going to meeeeeelllttt

tsurara must have fainted

Monday, May 26, 2014

my pictures!!

OMG! Where all my pictures gone? Did I delete it by mistake when I delete the photos in G+? I hate G+!!! Damnnit. Don't think that I had kept the photos in my computer.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Here's the true link to the link of 2nd OVA (courtesy of ChiharuYuuka) Do favourite the link, 'cause the eccentric me will delete this post once April ends.

Read more for spoilers

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Feeling sad that don't get to see Rikuo and Tsurara anymore... Well. there's still fanfictions and doujinshi to look forward and Sharazaque Faddile said that mangaka loves this manga, so the worldview won't end. So hope that Hiroshi sensei will be successfully in his next one-shot!

Here's some fan manga from pixiv.

Omake of Omake of Omakes by チナミイ
this one happened next day. Kana asked Rikuo was he feeling well and asked about yesterday, which rikuo replied he just lacked of sleep, it's okay and thanked her.Then he thought about tsurara in that just about to kiss position. He couldn't say that he couldn't sleep because it has been constantly on his mind  Aaaaa must stop the daydreaming. Somehow, it's rude, the thighs... However if Ao never come, to tsurara, he would most certainly... Then tsurara called him and asked if he's alright. Rikuo was shock to see the twin tailed girl whom he had a little crush on in volume 21's omake, turned out to be tsurara. Rikuo asked her about the hair and Tsurara said it was tied by maki. Then he said he like this tsurara, which made tsurara going eeeee why rikuo sama suddenly? Then rikuo said he likes this hairstyle. tsurara was thinking it surprised her (him liking her), so it meant other things, and said "aaaaaa, it's the hairstyle. Thank you very much." Rikuo said next time try tying ponytail.

After school, tsurara was talking how skillful maki was at braiding. Rikuo said maki was great and asked "by the way, tsurara, did you misinterpret when I said what I like just now?" Tsurara said, "Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Rikuo said, "please tell me, ne? Quickly" Tsurara said, "!!!! Today's Rikuo sama is so mean!" Rikuo, "eh. Is that so~~? ^^"

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Omake no Omakes Translation

Okay I can't help myself and went to buy the volume 25! The omakes are definitely worth buying.